Hand Washing Test for Food Safety

Hand Washing Test Kits For Food Safety

Reduce the risk of spreading germs with effective hand washing

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Handwashing is critical for food safety

Everyone knows that hand washing is important when preparing food, but it's hard to get staff to do this properly.

Can you imagine what would happen if someone used the restroom without washing their hands? We don't want our customers getting sick because staff had poor hand hygiene.

That's why you need to use our Test Kits in your kitchen! Our hands-on training kits will show your team how effective their hand washing is and where they can improve.

Effective hand washing will help avoid illnesses like salmonella, E. coli, and norovirus in your kitchen.

How do the Hand Washing Test Kits work?

Step 1: Apply the lotion to your hands

Cover your hands
with the special cream

Don't worry! It's complete safe on clothing and surfaces

Step 2: Wash your hands

Wash your hands as best you can

Use the hand washing techniques you've been taught

Step 3: Shine the UV light over your hands

See how much cream is left with the UV light

Did you get it all off? Most people forget the fingernails!

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Facility Manager

Lots of people trust Verify in the Aged Care space, but our Kits will work for you too.

"I have used several other products as part of our Infection Prevention and Control Training and the Verify Hand Washing Test Kit is far superior"
Sarah Laxon
"I was looking for ways to improve my hand washing. Verify's Hand Washing Test Kit made it simple and obvious where I needed to improve"
Joel Woolley

Hand Hygiene FAQs

Is the Verify cream safe on clothes and surfaces?

The Verify lotion is 100% safe on clothes and surfaces. Simply wipe away with a damp cloth.

How many uses can I get from each bottle?

We have been able to get 200+ uses in the bottle. That's a lot of uses so you can get all your care workers mastering effective hand hygiene.

Is UV light dangerous?

Overexposure to ultraviolet lights (the biggest being the sun) can cause harm to humans. But the exposure you'll receive from our UV light is so minimal that it won't be bad for your health.

Is it made just for Rest Homes?

You may have noticed that we specialise in Aged Care and Rest Homes. That's because we love our elderly community, and we want them to be free of infectious outbreaks. But there are so many applications outside of Aged Care.

Whether you are in Hospitality or teaching a class full of students, you can use these Kits to teach effective hand hygiene techniques to your staff or students.

Is free shipping available?

Yes! Free Shipping is included in the price if you are shipping to New Zealand or Australia.

Are you from New Zealand? Order from our New Zealand website →

Is it safe on skin?

Moisturiser makes up part of the lotion to reduce skin irritation.

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Free Shipping

Free Shipping

On all NZ & AU Orders
Fast Returns

Easy Returns

Within 14 days from purchase
Call us - we're here to help

Need help? Call us

1 800 849 211

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