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Discover a powerful ally in your quest for better hand hygiene.

  • Boost compliance
  • Reduce infection risk
  • Ensure resident safety

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Bring learning to life with dynamic kits

In the demanding landscape of aged care, the significance of proper hand hygiene cannot be overstated. Yet, the struggle to maintain consistent and correct hand hygiene practices persists, leading to increased vulnerability to infections.
Hand Washing Test Kits for Workplaces

Empower your staff with practical knowledge

Imagine a scenario where your staff is well-versed in effective hand hygiene techniques. Every action is a testament to their commitment to resident safety. In this setting, the risk of infections dwindles, fostering a healthier environment for both staff and residents.

Bring learning to life with dynamic kits

Verify Hand Hygiene kits offer a comprehensive, hands-on approach to hand hygiene education. Each kit contains visual aids and interactive components, making the learning process engaging and effective. With our kits, you can equip your staff with the practical knowledge they need to make a real impact.
Hand Washing Test Kits for School Teachers
Hand Washing Test Kits for Rest Homes

A partner dedicated to your mission

We understand the critical role of proper hand hygiene in aged care settings. At Verify Hand Hygiene, we are committed to supporting your endeavor to enhance resident safety. Our visually engaging educational kits are a testament to our dedication to your cause.

Three steps to better hand hygiene practices:

1. Choose your kit.

Select a Verify Hand Hygiene kit tailored to the specific needs of your staff and facility.

2. Engage your staff.

Use the interactive components and visual aids to educate your staff on effective hand hygiene practices.

3. Foster a culture of cleanliness.

Watch as your staff internalizes the learning and implements correct hand hygiene practices, creating a safer environment for residents.

Trusted by care providers nationwide

Our staff's hand hygiene practices have improved significantly since we started using the kits. It's a practical and effective solution.

David Johnson
Aged Care Administrator

Verify Hand Hygiene kits have been a game-changer for our staff. The visual approach has made it easier for everyone to grasp the concepts.

Sarah Collins
Care Facility Manager

Transform your approach to hand hygiene education
Equip your staff with the knowledge and tools to:

  • ✓ Reduce the risk of infections and safeguard resident health
  • ✓ Improve compliance with industry-standard hand hygiene protocols
  • ✓ Foster a culture of cleanliness and heightened awareness of infection control
  • ✓ Engage in dynamic and visual learning, resulting in practical retention of knowledge
  • ✓ Enhance the overall safety and well-being of both staff and residents

Make a lasting impact on resident safety with Verify Hand Hygiene kits.

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